Don’t Let a False Sense of “Security” Cause your Family to be Fire Victims. Most people don’t realize that the content of their homes, drapes, furniture etc. are the fuel for the fire. Fires to often start at night when residences are asleep and most venerable.

A Typical cause of Fire is over loaded extension cords caused by insufficient wiring & plugs

By the time there are flames the smoke has already reached a level that will hamper your breathing and blind you so that you can’t escape. Also, your escape is limited by all the windows and doors that are bared and double locked. The recent rash of School Fires, tragic Loss of lives, and tremendous property damage has highlighted the neglect and “False Sense of “Security” that we operate under.

Smoke detectors will make you aware of the fire before it gets out of control. Extinguishers give you the opportunity escape and or put out the fire. Let Tosheka Fire Safety System provide your family, home and business the comfort and real security they deserve. After seeing our revolutionary new technology companies recognize that our systems will save labor; lives and dramatically reduce their operating cost and create new sources of revenue.