Is it ever a good time or place to change a flat tire on the roadway

A flat tire causes the following treacherous conditions:

  1. The narrow roadways;
  2. Steep, rough, uneven road sides;
  3. High speed traffic;
  4. Low visibility at night;
  5. Lack of proper tools;

your entering the roadway without light and personal security which attempting to change the tire. Is it ever a good time or place to change a flat tire on the roadwayOther obstacles include hopping to locate the tools and your spare tire and making sure they strong enough and are in working order in the dark; remove your spare tire from underneath or inside the vehicle. Often the spare tire is not fully inflated, and the fundi has over tightened the lugs so that you need special tools to loosen the lug nuts.

Flattened and low tires pressure can be caused by many different items such as nails, glass, metal objects and thorns etc. Leaky rims are often caused by the abuse our tires take from the pounding on our rough roads. You may not feel the capacity to jack up your car and change the tire on your own and may seek assistance. The problem is, you cannot be assured of the quality, competence or character of the person assisting you. It eliminates the need and trauma of stopping on the highway and removing and replacing a tire under stressful conditions.

The Tosheka Products Air Pump allows you to depart from your car with an emergency light so that you can be visible and check on your tire or issues safely. The light will also assist you to locate any mechanical problem of see if something is trapped under the vehicle. The air pump is powerful enough to fill your tire in minutes and get you on your way to the nearest repair station. The unit is power by your cigarette lighter or direct from the battery to decrease the time it takes to fill your tires and can reach all your tires.

Also, the longer takes responding to the flat tire the more exposure and vulnerability on have on the roadway.  It may take an average of fifty minutes to change a tire on a on the roadways if all goes well.  Whereas with our pump it only takes about five minutes to refill the tire. Never be without light! This power pack has an ultra bright torch with three light options.  This unit is extremely useful and has many general purposes applications: blowing up children’s toys; bicycles; mattresses; motorbikes; swimming pools and party balloons.

The air pump unit being mobile can be used by shared by the family. So, if you going to the rural and consider it more likely to pick up a flat tire you can take the unit with you. I was inspired to provide this system because of my own recent experiences of having four flat tires within a period of two weeks on tires less than a year old. What saved me was that I had a similar air pump tire inflator in my car that was a part of my Power Pack Jump Starting System.

System Details:

  1. Light weight; portable; powered by cigarette lighter and can reach all you tires.
  2. Maximum Air pressure 150 PSI; car tires generally require 35 PSI.
  3. The built-in fuse of the cigarette lighter makes it safer to use.
  4. Devise uses an all-copper motor and large copper wire which provides three times the service life of the ordinary air pump.
  5. The preset air pressure will stop automatically when it reaches the preset air pressure on the digital display.

Please use a towel or a clothe to insulate hot surfaces while working with the pump.