Tosheka Products

Tosheka Products Ltd. is an associate of Tosheka Textiles LLC a USA/Kenya based social enterprise, with extensive experience in commercial and community based textile production.

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Organic Fertilizer

Tosheka, has produced an All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer/Soil Enhancer/ Pesticide to respond to the demand and support food security. 

Corona Spray

Our Corona / Flu safeguard product is an all-natural, and convenient means of protection and reducing the daily stress of being infected by Corona or the Flu. 

protein business

Sericulture is in its infancy states in Kenya but holds enormous potential to provide employment; food stability and a new source of high protein foods.


Security guards and night watchmen are usually only armed with a torch and a baton. They can be easily dazed off.



Window Guard System is a patented system for weather, insect and dust proofing window and door openings in residential.



Rolling Springs eases the transport of water containers by encapsulating them in a structure that allows them to be rolled.