Tosheka Rolling Springs

Introducing our latest invention and social impact. Millions of people globally do not have ready access to running water at their homes.

They are forced to walk miles carrying heavy (47 lb. – 21 Kgs) water containers daily.Rolling Springs provides a solution for the transport of water “The Last Mile” to their homes.

The cost of having water delivered is often three times the cost of purchasing the water. Tosheka’s Rolling Springs unit is patented and makes it easy for anyone to transport quickly up to three containers ( 63 kg or 141lbs) of water over long distances. Our three container carrier increases the volume, efficiency and reduce the time spent so that youth don’t miss time from school. Rolling Springs are produced through the training and employ local youth and made from local material and recycled tires. Our units have several major design advantages that reduce cost; maintenance; increase efficient; durability; have a lifespan of 15 year.

Many times, women; the very young and vulnerable elderly are doing this strenuous time-consuming task of carrying and supplying water for their family daily needs. The cost of having water delivered is often three times the cost of purchasing the water. Rolling Springs eases the transport of water containers by encapsulating them in a structure that allows them to be rolled and guided over any terrain. Rolling our unit causes the water to turn within the container building up a rotating force and momentum that propels the container easily across any terrain with minimal effort.


Please join us and become a sponsor in our effort to support families to have access to water without the drudgery. Water is Life’s Most Precious Necessity! Tosheka Products are dedicated to Preserving the Lives; Health and Safety Kenyans and Providing Business Opportunities and Employment. Tosheka Products provide direct solutions, systems, installations and technology to address the life, health and safety issues facing Kenyans on a daily basis.

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