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Many Homes and estates have large bushes/ perimeter fences that are good hiding places for thieves to force entry when you approach entering your gate. Also, these bushes do not allow your neighbors to see activities on your property or come to your aid. The units are solar powered so they provide protection even during a power outage or disruption. Tosheka Alarm system. Beautiful, waterproof structure; microcomputer intelligent control, stable performance, first-class quality. Saves 90 % of normal installation cost. Install system in hrs Vs Days without damage or disruption of home. GSM SMS programming, SMS control, remote control Alarm initiation. Multiple units can be used for large estates controlled by a set of remotes. Unit will text three numbers; indicating smoke or entry alarm and alert the whole neighborhood. The high pitched Sound like an Air Plane Engine will “Stop Burglary and Forced Entries into your Home, Estate or Business” and chase away the thieves. Security guards and night watchmen are usually only armed with a torch and a baton.

They can be easily overwhelmed by a group of armed robbers.  Even if the watchman has a silent call button the residents are still at the mercy of the invaders, till backup arrives. In most cases the neighbors are never aware of the incidences going on right next door. The Outdoor Alarm System Siren and Strobe light will let you or the watchman and immediately alert the authorities as well as the whole neighborhood and chase away the thieves. The units are solar powered so they provide protection even during a power outage or disruption. The Outdoor Alarm System Siren and Strobe has remote control key pad, very portable it’s easily moved from one secret location to the next, around the compound. It is also weather & tamper proof and comes with a one-year warranty A stand alone solar power alarm siren and lights unit that can also provide a full home wireless security system. The system uses wireless door and window contacts and home panic buttons. The unit can call a host of numbers to get you help quickly.

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