Tosheka Products LT to Partners

Tosheka Products LT to Partners

Tosheka, has produced an All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer/Soil Enhancer/ Pesticide to respond to the demand and support food security.

Tosheka has formulated 100% organic fertilizer which was guided by the KEBS standard and the research and testing of “Precise Science Testing “and is certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Our fertilizer improves the quality of the soil; while providing plant protection.

We are seeking to partner with your organization to introduce and distribute our organic fertilizer which will be of great benefit to farmers and the Environment. Boosts soil Fertility / Produces higher yields, Prevents Soil Erosion.

  • Tested and produced to the highest standards for consistent quality
  • Improves soil quality by raising Soil PH – helps to restore and enhancement of soil’s structure.
  • Builds plant immunity and provides the nutritional needs for every growth stage available if 50 kg bags.
  • Traps moisture, attracting more beneficial fungi and microbes.
  • Ensure Fast Plant Growth and Root Protection
  • Assures an efficient use of water & increases the root depth resulting in a healthier crop that is more drought tolerant.
  • It promotes fertility, reduces runoff and evaporation.
  • It’s highly concentrated and improves the absorption of nutrients.

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