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Tosheka Locally – Produced All Purpose Organic Fertilizer/Soil Enhancer/ Pesticide N P K  413 – 2 Made of Croton shells / Neem & Cotton Seed Cake & husk Coco peat fiber Provides advantages in the restoration & enhancement of soil’s structure. 

Builds immunity, provides the nutritional needs for every growth stage. Traps moisture, attracting more beneficial fungi and microbes. Ensure Fast Plant Growth and Root Protection

Stimulate Microbial Activities Slow-Release Fertilizer Improves water quality by retaining agrochemicals.

Assures an efficient use of water & increases the root depth resulting in a healthier crop that is more drought tolerant.
It promotes fertility, reduces runoff and evaporation
It’s highly concentrated and improves the absorption of nutrients
Boosts soil Fertility / Produces higher yields, Prevents Soil Erosion

Tested & produced to the highest standards for consistent quality
Improves soil quality by raising Soil PH. Helps the soil hold moisture & nutrients. Improves Soil Structure & Reduces Runoff. or
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