JetPass Car Safety System

Who hasn’t experienced the fear and anxiety of backing out blindly from a parking space or driveway!

Jet Pass product design for new and existing vehicles are differentiated from Dash Cams and all the other “new avoidance technology” because they focus on eliminating everyday road hazards and accident prevention.


Jet Pass System

The Jet Pass System which is a Life Saving, Accident Prevention Car Safety System that dramatically reduces the exposure to the following daily hazards: Avoid the frustration of trying to pass when your view is obstructed by a group of slow moving vehicles. Pulling or backing out of parking spaces, garages or driveways into a roadway when your view is impaired.

There are three systems available for Trucks, buses and heavy commercial vehicles

  1. Basic 2 camera unit provides: visibility of vehicles in oncoming and peripheral lanes  when attempting to pass.
  2.  The ultra 4 camera unit provides visibility when passing and Pulling or backing out of parking spaces, garages or driveways into a roadway when your view is impaired.
  3. The deluxe system has four cameras, two on the mirrors and two on the rear bumper that allows drivers to see approaching vehicles on both sides when entering intersections, backing up or pulling out of parking spaces or driveways.

We focus on eliminating obstructed views because most major accidents occurring while passing. Exterior mounted cameras connected to a split screen monitor mounted the dashboard displays blind spots. Imagine the life and cost saving from this disruptive safety system from reduced: 

Claims; law suits; legal defense fees; Doctor’s fees; long & short term medical cost; claims staff; claims investigators; damage to surrounding property, loss of productivity etc. 50% of all accidents involve parking!
Twenty five percent of all parking lot accidents are caused by vehicles backing up.

The Vehicle Safety System is a revolutionary patented system for large trucks, buses and vans which often find themselves trapped and blinded behind a line of large vehicles. Also, they do not have the maneuverability to pull out of their lane to see and return without exposing themselves to head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles. Tosheka Products Introduces our Jet Pass Accident Prevention Systems with Fleet Monitoring and Management Capability.

Because of the demand for demonstrations of our systems we have produced a series of short Live Field Demonstration Videos.